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# 6 – Squash with professional Olli Tuominen

I got a chance to play squash with professional player Olli tuominen. Watch and enjoy as I’m totally toasted after only 25 min of playing 🙂 Olli is giving good tips for me while we are playing.

# 5 – Wim Hof Method Experience Part 2 – Snowboarding 


Wim Hof Method Experience Part 2 – Snowboarding

I found a very beautiful and peaceful place in the Alps in Austria. I took this chance to just calm myself down using Wim Hof Method style breathing when air temperature was 10 below zero celsius. It is amazing how it actually works making you feel very peaceful and same time gives you a huge energy boost as well.

It’s time for INSIDE ACTION on Surfer Of Life as i ride down the mountain with bare shorts not feeling cold at all 🙂

# 4 – Wim Hof Method Experience Part 1 – Cold Tub


Wim Hof Method Experience Part 1 – Cold Tub

Kasper Van Der Meulen is Wim Hof Method instructors teacher. Here he is telling me how to get over the pain and fear in freezing cold. After a cold tub bath when done properly you really FEEL GOOD and all the health benefits your body will get is truly amazing.

# 3 – Inside the Goalie Action


Inside the Goalie Action

GoPro and a microphone on a goalie mask! I’m explaining what the goalies need to focus on during the game and what are the important aspects in ice hockey when playing in the net.

# 2 – Guest Josafath Herrera and Me as Student


Guest Josafath Herrera and Me as Student

Josafath Herrera is a true martial arts and self protection expert. On This action video He is teaching me to receive punches in a proper way without getting hurt. Believe it or not this method is used for relaxation as well.


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