# 3 – Roope Mahosenaho

Roope Mahosenaho is an all around adventurer and action sports enthusiast. He will share his experience of how to handle fears when you are 4000 metres above the sea level. Jump in and find out what is the next big...

# 2 – Jan-Erik Blomberg

Be ispired an feel the true moments in freestyle skiing competitions and in the backcountry as Jan-Erik “Blumi” Blomberg explains how skiing became his passion and what it takes to have a lifetime dedication for something you truly love. Get focused or you...
# 1 – Jani Nygård

# 1 – Jani Nygård

Jump into great moments in early freestyle skiing which was called new school skiing back in the days. The guest Jani “Nyykkari” Nygård is opening up his life as a skier, his professional freestyle career and the moments when you need to be focused....

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