When something triggers walking you might end up finding new deeper and really valuable 

aspects of yourself

00:01 Trailer

01:22 Introduction

01:49 What does he like cold weather

03:24 Stressful situations in life and why going out to the nature feels relaxing

04:38 Finding the connection with nature

05:17 How upcoming tragedy triggered walking

  • Why did he quit his job and started walking

09:20 Why has he continued walking

  • Leaving all stress behind
  • Focusing on only one thing makes life 
  • Understanding the basic importance of life

11:56 How long should people walk to start feeling a difference

  • How is walking different in the countryside than in the city
  • Connecting with people

15:52 Just start walking!

  • How does a long walk alone effect a person 
  • Finding deeper emotional dimensions by walking

19:57 The longes walk carrying his fathers ashes to the resting place by foot

20:32 Why walking in Finland is so easy and relaxing

22:26 How to deal with different weather

  • What important aspects has he learned during his walks

26:15 How to deal with dangerous situations

– How does lack of food and water of extreme conditions effect your mind and how to deal with the dangerous situations

  • Why ”tripping” is good for us 

31:49 What happened when he met a wild boar up in the hills in Barcelona

35:18 We are part of nature!

  • Why shouldn’t we shield ourselves from the natural conditions

39:52 What does he pack when going for a long walk

  • What is actually important
  • Why modern equipment will protect nature

42:20 Why is he more scared in the city then out in the wilderness

45:33 Why Jesse and me don’t follow the news

46:08 Fjällräven Classic: 110 km with shorts, sleeveless top and minimalistic barefoot shoes

50:31 How to survive in cold weather

53:09 Next adventure

54:26 Important traditional skills and knowhow in the wilderness

  • What keeps you alive

57:36 What to bring back to the city from the woods

1:01:10 Survival skills in the nature outside the city giving confidence and security

1:02:50 Importance in living in the now

01:04:00 Last questions:

– What makes him feel down and what makes him happy

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