Bart Scholtissen is a mindset expert, senior Wim Hof Method instructor, lifestyle hacker, outdoor lover, guide and fascinated by change in people and surroundings. Bart was once trained as a  Phd in Neuropsychology and he now finding a good balance between evidence based with experience based and his mission is to help people to get back to their nature.

Find Bart here:

0:01 Trailer

1:36 Introduction

2:58 Experiences from Poland when he was teaching new group of fresh Wim Hof Method    instructors

  • How to deal with very extreme conditions
  • How to co-operate with people in extreme situations

5:20 Importance of learning new things in life

  • Finding the balance with ”fully on” and rest

6:40 The past and how he become what he is at the moment

  • Academic world, neuropsychologist, researcher and so forth..
  • How did he realize he had a burn out

12:15 Turning point in life

  • Process of finding himself

15:40 Living in the NOW

  • New extraordinary life

18:20 The situation in the world today

  • The disbalance in the world 
  • How has all the ”revolutions” changed world

20:50 FOMO – fear of missing out

  • How is this FOMO effecting people
  • Loosing control of ourselves

24:30 How we learn to live in the NOW

  • What is the most direct way to go inside ourselves
  • The importance of nature

28:37 The enviable changes in the world and how the technological progress can be beneficial 

32:20 The definition of unf#ck yourself 

33.33 How was he able to continue his teaching and work earlier even though he was not feeling well

36:40 His values

38:16 The impact of creating new life

– Loosing a lot but getting back much more

  • How letting go can change everything to better

42:44 Guiding people with new open hearted approach 

  • How the results are better when you open up and become vulnerable 

45:11 How to get his guidance

  • How does a good co-operation work with the clients
  •   What is his work about

49:50 What does the word mindset mean to him

51:43 Talking about energy

  • energy in this planet 
  • We are all connected
  • How to help people using energy

57:00 The best sides of nature for him

  • Nature at it’s purest form

59:00 Back to your nature

1:00:42 Last questions

  • Being 125 % in the future
  • What makes him feel sad
  • What makes him happy

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