Respect The Fun In Life – Skydiver Marek Skowron

Skydiver Marek Skowron is a member in Finnish national Skydiving team and involved in different parachuting disciplines. He is jumping in different places and doing explorations all over the world. Relax, jump in to conversation with Marek and find out how it feels to fly in the air.

0:01 Trailer

2:07 Introduction

4:16 Meaning of life for Marek

6:15 Early days
What was Marek like as a teenager

7:45 What is so special about action sports
How did Marek get involved with parachuting

10:45 First jump
Memories right after different jumps

12:50 Why did Marek move to Finland
Difference between Finland and Poland

15:10 What other extreme sports are Marek enjoying

16:20 Different skydiving disciplines

19:39 Swooping
– How do you practice it
How many swooping jumps Marek has under his belt
Listening your self and daily feelings
How fast you go when swooping

22:00 Understanding the difference between excitement and being scared

23:08 Fear
How to handle fear
Fear being part of the sport

26:20 What is involved in parachuting
Preparation an the amount of work before jumps
Knowing the environment and weather
Exits and outs
Focus during the jump
How to be prepared for the surprises

33:45 Base jumping
Different ways to do base jump
Mareks most memorable jumps
Accidents in the sport
Why it is good to hurt yourself every once in a while
Are people pushing too much when using wingsuit

44:35 How does it feel to fly with wingsuit

46:00 How does it feel to be part of Finnish Skydiving team
Competitons and atmosphere

50:00 Fun in life
Different hobbies
Just getting out there

53:45 Jumping off from legal and illegal spots
– Explorations
Goofy jumps

58:28 Doing passionate things
Parachuting helps to stay in the present

1:04:00 Why was Marek dressed up as a priest

Find Mare Skowron:

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