Flaviu Cernescu – Fear Is Not Your Enemy

When Flaviu Cernescu sees a chimney he is looking at a great possibility to live in the moment, explore and fully enjoy his life!

That’s correct folks! Flaviu has a great passion for high places and chimneys are one of his favourite spots to summit. He has climbed up to many different very high chimneys including the tallest in Europe. While spending time and walking around on half meter narrow edge of this 365 meters tall pipe he was enjoying himself by joggling with apples. By the way this video has 13 million view on YouTube.

Since Flaviu was a young boy climbing has definitely being his passion. Later he has broaden his activities by joggling and doing different balance disciplines including unicycling, walking on high lines and climbing in different industrial structures. Among others his stunts include riding a unicycle and walking on handrails in very high and narrow structures.

How are extreme athletes like Flaviu able to perform in situations where only one wrong step will end their days on our planet? By many hours and years of practice of course! And here Flaviu is not an exception. He has been practising his stunts so many times close to the ground that when he is up in hundreds of meters above sea level on narrow ledges he is able to control his fear and put aside the fact that falling will definitely lead to his death.

I’m really happy that I started my online video interviews! Talking to Flaviu Cernescu is a great example that the world is really open for meeting high level performers from all around the world!

You should really watch the one minute intro before our conversation starts cause this is thinly way to understand what Flaviu really does and how challenging the places are where he is doing his stunts. There’s really no words to describe this. Do this by clicking on my YouTube channel or go to my website.

Watch Flaviu’s unreal stunts by clicking the links below:

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/flaviucernescu
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/flaviucernescu/?hl=fi
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/flaviucernescu/?ref=br_tf

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