Julie Collas – How a Lawyer Became a Comedian

The road took me to Paris where I met an ex-lawyer comedian Julie Collas

Julie has a crazy humorist one-woman show in Paris which she built from scratch just by herself. Her story is quite amazing to be hones. How an earth a lawyer turned to be a comedian!?

Julie worked 14 years in the legal department in the U.S though she was never really enjoying her life as a lawyer. She has always had a comedian blood inside her and she was making all kinds of crazy pranks and jokes while working in a serious business as a lawyer. These gags almost got her fired a couple of times but also made her colleges enjoy their time more at the office.

When her friend died in the horrible Bataclan attack in 2015 she decided that life is too short to just drift away. After she quit her job and started writing. While writing about Parisian women her eyes opened for more ideas, building her own theatrical act. Now she has her own show Oh My God She’s Parisian. The amazing part is that she really built her show without any knowledge about acting or making a show! And guess what, she is performing in english! Besides acting in her one-woman show she is a founder of Dearest Paris Production company.

But building her own unique performance and company has not been an easy task! On the way some of her old friends have turned their backs on her and she has suffered from insomnia. Still she has been able to push through all the resistance and has made a living out of her show.

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