# 42 – Rich Lyons – F#CK You Political Correctness

One evening I was watching Stand Up comedy in Apollo night club when it suddenly hit me! Stand up on stage hmm..what if the audience doesn’t get your jokes and people don’t laugh? On the contrary how does it feel when everyone in the audience is laughing and enjoying the performance? How does real laughter effect people? I realised that if somebody know about these experiences that somebody must be a Stand Up comedian.

I got great answers for these questions when comedian Rich Lyons sat down with me and shared his experiences.

Rich Lyons was born and raised in New York and ended up in Finland two decades ago. Rich is an actor, writer and a musician who accidentally was pushed to do Stand Up comedy. After the first humiliating experience on stage he pushed forward and has been performing as a Stand Up comic ever since. Rich did a show in Eurovision song contest being the first comedian in Finland who performed in Hartwall Arena and was a runner up in London Fringe New Comedy competition.


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