Mia Graeffe – Staying Alive in the Death Zone

Mia Graeffe fell in love with the mountains and this love has taken her to adventures most of us will never experience. Mia has been in various different mountain terrains and climbed three times to over 8000 meters  reaching two of the Eight-Thousanders summits Lhotse 8516m and the world highest mountain Everest 8848m.

Mia has been dealing with this unique dangerous environment many times and been places where the grim reaper is knocking on your shoulders. But there is something that takes her back over and over again. Mountaineering is not just about climbing a mountain, it’s a way of life. In Mia’s words you feel so small in front of these majestic mountains and when you really need to struggle in expeditions you learn lot about yourself becoming more grateful of the things we so easily take for granted at home. Join us in this amazing experience!

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